Bertamini Lab

"A common man marvels at uncommon things; a wise man marvels at the commonplace" Confucius

This is the homepage of the Visual Perception Lab. You can navigate my pages from the links on the top, read about research and see a list of publications.

There has been visual research in Liverpool since the 1890s when Charles Sherrington, in between Nobel prize-winning experiments revolutionising our conception of the nervous system, did work on the interactions of simultaneous contrast, critical flicker fusion frequency and binocular fusion. While Sherrington's visual experiments were narrowly focused, he always succeeded in establishing the broader significance of their results for our understanding of the nature of vision and human behaviour. It is this tradition of using laboratory research to provide insights into the nature of perception and action in the real world which we are continuing into the twenty-first century.

How to find us

The Eleanor Rathbone building is at the south end of campus. The Visual Perception Lab is on the first floor.

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