Bertamini Lab

This page list some of the most influential papers in perception. The analysis is based on the number of citations and more precisely on the number of citations per year since publication
This is a snapshot of the citation count taken in winter 2004. Inevitably citations are an ever changing measure so the time of the analysis is important.

We performed this analysis as part of the research for a book on Human perception: Bertamini, M. and Kubovy, M. (Eds.) (2006) "Human Perception", Ashgate Publishing, ISBN: 0 7546 2607 5.
The list includes papers from the following journals:
Behavioral Brain Sciences, Psychological Bulletin, Psychological Review, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, Cognition, Cognitive Psychology, Psychological Science, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance, Perception & Psychophysics, Acta Psychologica, Perception, Visual Cognition, and Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology A..
Clearly most of these journals are not specific to the area of perception, therefore a selection based on our subjective judgment was done to exclude papers from other areas.

The data comes from mining the ISI Web of Science, in priciple this is a simple extraction but in practice it was a rather time consuming task.
A word of warning is probably also necessary about the fact that citations are a useful indication of which papers have been most influential, but it should be treated critically. A high number of citations is no guarantee of quality, moreover some areas are overrepresented and some are completely missing.

Click here for the full list (315 articles).